Inquiry-based learning

eLearning course

Attend our eLearning course for understanding how to practically adopt the Inquiry Based Learning methodology.

SuperFast Learning Machine

Adopt our SuperFast Learning Machine for extracting the questions related to your topic or subject and classified according to Bloom’s taxonomy from different kinds of documents (scientific papers, old quizzes, presentations, MOOCs, books, grey literature, etc.) and use its output as the starting point for building your inquiry-based training material.

Download here the Guide for using the SuperFast Learning Machine.

Theoretical background

Download the theoretical background of inquiry-based learning methodology in a short version if you need just an overview or in a long version if you need a detailed description.

Pedagogical guidelines 

Download our pedagogical guidelines in the form of practical suggestions, instructions and tips about how to put into practice inquiry-based methodology, starting from the results of the SuperFast Learning Machine.

Example presentations

Download some example presentations you can adopt as a reference for developing your own.