The eSTEM partnership is composed of four Universities and one company providing advanced IT services. You can discover more on the here below.

University of Pisa

The University of Pisa (UNIPI), established in 1343, is one of the oldest in the world. It has 20 departments, and offers 58 undergraduate and 74 graduate programmes, 28 PhD, 68 third cycle specialisations, and about 80 post graduate, including an MBA. It has over 52.000 students, 1552 faculty members, and 1467 technical and administrative staff members. UniPi is the eSTEM project coordination. It is responsible for the elaboration of the inquiry-based learning methodologies Toolbox.

University of Bordeaux

The University of Bordeaux (UBx) is a multidisciplinary higher education institution. It has one of the largest campuses in Europe, welcomes about 56.000 students and more than 6000 academic and administrative staff. Nearly 60 international study programs exist at Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels including 18 EU-labeled programs. It is responsible for the elaboration of the problem-based learning methodologies Toolbox.

University of Bremen

The University of Bremen is a young university: It was founded in 1971. In a time of social renewal, the “Bremen Model” was born. Its core elements are as instrumental today as they were then and have made our extraordinary research achievements possible: interdisciplinarity, research-based learning in projects, practical orientation, and a deep sense of responsibility towards society.It is responsible for the elaboration of the online tool to identify the most effective learning methodology according to the lecturers’ needs.

University of Zaragoza

The University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR) is the main center of technological innovation in the Ebro Valley, in the north-east of Spain, and the only public university in the region (Aragón). It hosts about 30,000 undergraduate students, 5,000 master and Ph.D. students and 3,000 faculty members. The University of Zaragoza has consolidated its position in international rankings and it is now among the top 2% of the most prestigious universities worldwide.It is responsible for the elaboration of the dataset-based learning methodologies Toolbox.

Koszalin University of Technology

Koszalin University of Technology (KUT) was founded in 1968. For over 50 year now, it has been the only public technical university in the Middle Pomerania region of Poland. The institution has the authority to award degrees: DSc in two disciplines and PhD in four disciplines. The university has 116 professors, 194 additional academic staff and more than 4,000 students in all the available forms and modes of study, many of which are of foreign origin from more than 10 nations. The university is separated into 6 faculties each of them having a focus on certain study and research areas including economics, engineering, arts and humanities.The KUT has a worldwide network of partner universities and allows students to take part in European Erasmus Programme.

Erre Quadro

Erre Quadro SRL is an Italian consulting and R&D company, specialized in the development of algorithms and software for the automatic analysis of technical texts, in particular patents, with the aim of supporting the enterprises in their needs for intellectual property protection, foresight studies, knowledge management & retrieval, business intelligence and strategic intelligence.Erre Quadro’s clients are large enterprises, SMEs, patent attorneys, banks and public institutions alike.

eSTEM, toolboxes for SuperFast learning digital contents development in STEM

ERASMUS+ KA226, Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness. Project number: 2020-1-IT02-KA226-HE-095144, duration: 2 years. Lead by University of Pisa

eSTEM, toolboxes for SuperFast learning digital contents development in STEM

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