The University of Bordeaux organized on 24/03/23 a workshop as Multiplier Event of the eSTEM project with a focus on problem-based learning !

The University of Bordeaux recently hosted a workshop on the eSTEM project with a primary focus on problem-based learning (PBL). The event served as a culminating activity for the eSTEM project and aimed to introduce participants to the benefits of problem-based learning.

A total of 10 teachers and instructional designers attended the workshop, which provided participants with a hands-on learning experience. They were split into small groups and tasked with solving a problem situation using the step-by-step PBL methodology. Three tutors were on hand to guide and ask questions to help participants arrive at solutions. Importantly, the tutors never provided direct answers to the groups, because PBL is designed to promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration among participants.

One of the tutors, Adrien Gintrand, is a PBL method expert who has been incorporating this approach into his teachings for the past decade. Participants had the opportunity to ask him questions and benefit from his extensive experience during the session’s conclusion. In addition to offering an opportunity for exploring problem-based learning and sharing eSTEM project results, the workshop also directed participants to the eSTEM website. The website offers a comprehensive toolbox of resources that can assist educators in implementing PBL and other active learning methods. 

Participants gave positive feedback on the workshop, highlighting its practical nature and the immersive, engaging, and effective approach to the case presented.