ME of AI-supported Action-Based Learning methodologies at the University of Bremen

During the two-hour event on 10.03.23 from 13-15 h, four AI-supported toolboxes were presented in person, which support teachers (especially from the STEM field) in the further development of their courses in terms of activating teaching-learning methodologies. The toolboxes each describe an Action-Based Learning methodology: Inquiry-Based Learning, Problem-Based Learning, Scenario-Based Learning, and Dataset-Based Learning.

After a welcome by the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning at the University of Bremen, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Maren Petersen, ZMML staff presented the toolboxes, which provide teachers with various materials and tools to guide and support them in the independent development of activating teaching scenarios. Each of the toolboxes offers a self-study course to get to know the corresponding contents, the theoretical basics of the corresponding methodology as well as a guide with concrete instructions for the conception and implementation of one’s own teaching scenarios.

The highlight is an AI tool (SuperFast Learning Machine) that helps teachers analyze various document sources and produce materials for their courses. Examples of the application of the AI tool were shown and the possibility to test it was given. In a concluding discussion, the possibilities and limitations of this and similar AI tools were discussed together. In particular, the specific functionalities of SuperFastLearningMachines were brought to the fore. For example, the unambiguous source situation as well as the assignment in the sense of Blooms taxonomy were highlighted with appreciation.

Overall, the results of the project were received and reported back with interest and appreciation.