The project results

For each of the 4 pedagogical methodologies the partnership developed the following tools.

  1. A SuperFast Learning Machine, an IT tool adopting NLP methodologies and data-mining techniques hosted on the project website allowing to gather data and extract information using different document sources selected by the educators;
  2. The theoretical background of the methodology in two versions: a) methodology in a nut-shell and b) full scientific paper;
  3. The practical pedagogical guidelines, a step-by-step guide to explain the educators how to design, develop and deliver an action-based learning lesson complying with specific pedagogical requirements;
  4. Some examples of already tested lectures;
  5. A self-paced e-learning course to teach the educators to use all the tools.

If you don’t know which of the proposed pedagogical methodologies is the one that better fits with your needs, try the online tool for identifying the most effective training methodology according to the training subject and topic (link soon available)!