eSTEM Final Conference in Pisa

On March 31st, the eSTEM project conference was held at the Polo Didattico delle Piagge in Pisa, Italy. The conference brought together international experts in STEM education to discuss the future of active learning methodologies and emerging trends in digital and virtual learning environments.

Speakers at the conference included the University of Pisa eSTEM team members and the other project partners. The conference featured presentations on the eSTEM project’s outputs, including toolboxes for inquiry-based, problem-based, scenario-based, and dataset-based learning, and an assessment tool for choosing the most suitable active learning methodology.

Other speakers discussed topics such as personalized and gamified learning approaches, pedagogical data literacy, and game-based distance learning. Here is the full list of speakers Alessandro Guadagni – UniPi researcher, eSTEM project manager; Elena Coli – Research Fellow at University of Pisa; Till Rumenapp – Researcher at University of Bremen; Antonio Bucchiarone – Senior researcher at Fondazione Bruno Kessler; Juliana Elisa Raffaghelli – Assistant Professor at University of Padova; Alessandro Ciasullo – Researcher at University of the Studies of Napoli; Alan Mattiassi – Game Psychologist; Rea Lavi – lecturer and curriculum designer at the School of Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The conference concluded with a talk on the ENCORE project, aimed at enriching the circular use of open educational resources for education by Filippo Chiarello, an assistant professor at the University of Pisa. The eSTEM project conference provided a valuable opportunity for experts to share insights and ideas on the future of STEM education.

The registration of the event is available clicking on the image below.