eSTEM goes to Vietnam

During the partner meeting of the international project MARE (Marine Coastal and Delta Sustainability for Southeast Asia) on 17.02.2023 in Hai Phong (Vietnam) at the VMU (Vietnam Maritime University), the partners of the University of Bremen (Germany) of the Erasmus project eSTEM had the opportunity to present their main project results.

Till Rümenapp from the ZMML (Centre for Multimedia in Higher Education) at the University of Bremen presented the main results from the shortly ending eSTEM project to the partners of the MARE project. The project itself was briefly outlined and then the theoretical foundations of the Action-Based Learning approach were discussed. Afterwards, the four teaching-learning methodologies and the corresponding toolboxes were presented. As a highlight, the AI-supported so-called SuperFastLearning Machines, a text-mining tool to support teachers in designing new learning scenarios, were presented and tested with great interest already during the presentation by the partners attending. Finally, the self-assessment tool, which can support teachers in deciding which of the four methodologies to use, was presented.

After the meeting, follow-ups to the presentation were arranged with interested MARE partners.